• How to brand marketing?

    2016.10.20 The Summit''s brand marketing campaign will cover Mid and late meetings,Provide a full range of brand marketing.Every day more than 200 telephone communication,More than 1000 target customers send mail every week ... > more
  • Participants come from?

    2016.10.20 Our database has accumulated more than 100000 of the automotive industry resources,And in accordance with the characteristics of their business segments breakdown ... > more
  • How do I ensure meeting quality?

    2016.10.20 Through the pre-more than 50 user research, the first time to understand customer needs, to find solutions for related problems ... > more
  • How to reflect the depth of technical meetings?

    2016.10.20 Speech experts for the topic of concern to customers to prepare the appropriate speech content,So you understand the most forward-looking technology development After the speech of Q & A,,Efficient interactive links Quickly answer your questions, and experts from the zero distance. > more