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ATC 3rd Automotive Power Battery BMS  and Thermal Management Technology Conference 2018

     With the vigorous development of new energy vehicles, battery management system BMS has become a core component and its emphasis has been continuously enhanced.

      ATC- As the first domestic organizing committee of "BMS Technology Conference", the second event last year was supported and recognized greatly by nearly 400 industry specialist and experts.

      3rd Automotive Power Battery BMS and Thermal Management Technology Conference 2018 will be held on September Shanghai again, which continues to delve into the battery management system BMS and battery thermal management technology.

      This event will bring together over 400 participants from government officials, experts and scholars both from home and abroad to exchange ideas and be engaged in in-depth discussion on hot issues around the main topic. It's absolutely a great opportunity for you to communicate with top executives on multinational projects and to create business opportunities, become an integral part of decision-making.

Time:November 13-14 
Location: Shanghai China 
Size: 400 people


Vehicle Manufacturers (Passenger Cars, Commercial Vehicles)

Power Battery Manufacturers

BMS System Service Providers

BMS Chip Suppliers

Testing and Certification Companies

BMS Test Suppliers

Colleges, Research Institutions, Third-party Service Design Companies

BMS Software, Hardware Suppliers

Battery Test Equipment Suppliers

Battery Thermal Management System Software Solution Providers

Battery Material Companies


2+ In-depth Round Table Discussions

60+Industrial Famous Guests Presentations

60+Hot Topic Discussions

200+Vehicle Manufacturers and Component Manufacturers

1000+Industry Professionals

New Technology, New Technology, New Business Opportunities

Conference agenda:

Virtual ECUs in BMS Embedded Software Development and Testing Process


Horizontal Technical Comparison of BMS Systems with Different Topologies (TBD)


Hardware-in-the-loop Test Solution for Efficient and Safe Operation of BMS


BMS Functional Safety Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment


Power Battery Thermal Management Challenges and Future Technology Prospects


The Application of Combined Simulation of Cooling and Air Conditioning System in Electric Vehicle Field


Electric Vehicle Battery Management System Simulation Development


The above is part of the agenda.

For more details, you can call Mr. Zhao 13764386474.

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