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Conference Background

  The annual session of the “Automotive Seating Innovation Technology Forum” will be held again on September 2018. The scale of the current summit  will have more than 500 people. This summit has became China's largest and highest level  Automotive Technology summit!   
In retrospect(September 2017), there are over 450professionals in the last session, and 300people from OEMs and Seating T1.The proportion of end users and suppliers in the summit is 65%: 35%, and getting high praise.
This summit will continue to explore the latest workshop planning of Automotive Seating comfort-lightweight-intelligence-new challenges and so on. At the same time, it will share more technology information from foreign car plant and technology supplies and promote the latest technical exchanges between domestic plants and foreign manufacturers, it will cause the rapid development of automobile Seating technology in China. 
You will continue to listen to the future seating innovation technology from high level of OEMs and T1, and also it will be arranged around 20 technical presentation during the summit, and you can enjoy lots of chances for social and interactive activities. In addition, the organizers also provide personalized professional services for you。You can get more!
Welcome to “The 3rd  Automotive Seating Innovation Technology Forum”, Please enjoy the Chinese automobile Seating technology event

Conference Highlights

Meet chinese users' demand on interior concepts 
Driver & passenger experience--most important trends and added value factors
Improve interior and reduce weight 
New technologies of seating materials(Seating cover/VOC Control )
The future role of the vehicle seat in autonomous seating 

Participating Groups

T1(Seat Assembly suppliers)
T2 (Seat parts suppliers)
Seat metal material suppliers
Manufacturing process equipment
Design, testing equipment, testing institutions
Design, testing equipment, testing institutions


  • 9月19日
  • 9月20日
Day One   Wednesday, 19 Sept.

Share in the morning

Cockpit of the future

Envisioning the future of seating by chinese OEMs

Share in the afternoon

Research and control strategies for Seat comfort

Industrie 4.0 auto seating designing with sewing optimization

Seating fabric design focusing on durability and cleanliness

New concept of commercial vehicle seat development based on user perception 

Day Two   Thursday, 20 Sept.

Share in the morning

Industrie 4.0 auto seating designing with sewing optimization

New innovative materials: smart and interactive materials for seating 

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