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Conference Background

 China Brake Annual Conference, as the biggest and most influtiential domestic techinical forum in the industry, has been successfully held for more than 20 years. It will be held on 18-19 October this year, expecting morn than 400 participants.       
      As the brake system technology in automotive safety has matured- in which with the highest requirements, people are paying more attention to its safety and comfort. New technologies such as AEB and ESC are also gradually included in the European Union's new vehicle evaluation standards. However, how do these technologies improve brake safety performance better, and what changes will the brake system and their related parts bring to the development?
    This conference will focus on hot topics like future-oriented braking system technologies, intelligentization, new-generation parts, lightweight new material, intelligent manufacturing, etc. 

Conference Highlights

  1. Development & Latest Solutions of Future-oriented Brake System
  2. Brake System Modularization & Platformization
  3. New-generation Braking Parts Design & Research
  4. Lightweight New Material Application
  5. Intelligent Manufacturing Solution & Application for Braking System Production
  6. ……

Participating Groups

  1. OEMs                                          
  2. Brake system suppliers                                   
  3. Electronic Control System Integrators
  4. Vacuum Booster & Brake Pump                         
  5. NVH Simulation Software 
  6. Brake Drum (Brake Disc)                       
  7. Test Enterprises
  8. Brake Pads & Raw Materials                              
  9. Design, Consulting, Institutions
  10. New Materials 
  11.  (Lightweight, Noise Reduction)          Associations, Research Institutes


  • 10月18日
  • 10月19日
  • 9月19日
Main Venue
Agenda (October 18)
Advanced Development Trends of Braking System and the Influence on Traditional Braking System 
Test Methods and  Analysis for Braking System Comfort of Passenger Vehicle 
Continental Automotive 
Unmanned Intelligent Vehicle Braking System Study
Qinghua University
Precise Design of Braking System

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Session 1 New Tech. of Braking System

Agenda (October 19)

Research on Energy Recovery Coordination Strategy of Wire Electronic Hydraulic Brake System
Wan Xiang Group
Deep Learning Research of ATO Braking System Technology
Zhejing Asia-pacific Mechanical&Electronic 
Control Technology and Development of Commercial Vehicle EPS


The topic has been updated 8-29

The topic is based on the spot.

Session 2 Friction Material, Brake Block and Brake Disc

Agenda (October 19)

New Screening Methods for Brake Lining
Development and Application of High Performance Carbon Ceramic Friction Materials with Lightweight and Wear-resistance for Weight Reduction in Automotive Brake System
Central South University
New Method for Small Electric Vehicles and Lightweight Hybrid Brake Discs

Emission Characteristics Research of Braking System Friction Dust

The topic has been updated 8-29

The topic is based on the spot.

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