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Conference Background

The 4th vehicle prototype technology summit

As the first organizer of the "The First Vehicle Prototype Technology Summit" held in China in 2016, ATC has been widely welcomed and recognized by professionals in the industry, and actively participated in the launch of the summit.

In 2017, ATC, in conjunction with the suggestions of the previous participants, added a technical sub-venue for "automotive parts trial production" in addition to continuing to discuss the hot technical topics of "whole vehicle trial production", which was well recognized by the participants. 423 technical experts were gathered at the summit, including 236 from automotive and parts manufacturers.
The third session of the summit was held in Beijing. The summit has increased the "automotive engineering design" technology conference. The Summit was attended by 452 participants, nearly 300 from vehicle manufacturers and trial-manufacture and engineering designers. The proportion of end-users to suppliers was 69%:41%, and 27 technical keynote speeches were arranged.
ATC's "Fourth Auto Trial Technology Summit" will be held again in Shanghai from December 13 to 14, the same time, wonderful technology sharing. We will further explore the hot topics such as the cycle, cost, quality and new technology of automobile trial production. As the largest and the highest level of technology in China, and the only technical summit to discuss automobile trial production, it is worth your participation!
ATC is looking forward to bringing the latest technology trends in the industry to each participant, and to bringing more depth, breadth, and more focused on customer needs of the professional technology platform. ATC sincerely invite you to participate again, and gain full!
Warm reminder: Since ATC successfully held the automotive trial technology summit, many external organizations imitate or copy and organize similar activities, the level of good and bad, in order to ensure your interests, please identify the ATC brand, "ATC Conference - quality assurance" is our commitment.

Conference Highlights

----Collision of vehicle model design ideas
----General layout design
----Process control of prototype trial production
     (Cycle, cost, quality)
----Parts 3D printing technology and application of new automotive materials
----New technology, new equipment and new technology for prototype production

Participating Groups

----Vehicle manufacturer(Passenger car + commercial vehicle + new energy vehicle)
----Auto parts manufacturers
----Automotive engineering design and trial production company
----Rapid prototyping enterprises
----3D printing enterprises
----Hand plate model and mold enterprise
----Welding fixture, laser enterprise
----Testing equipment enterprises(Inspection of body structure and dimensional tolerances)
----Synchronous engineering enterprise


  • 12月12日
  • 12月13日
  • 12月14日

Future development focus and research trend of automobile trial production


Trial production cycle management and improvement methods


The standard, content and method of trial production verification

Methods and examples of quality control for prototype cars


Quality control and engineering application of 3D printing for large size parts
Application and case study of virtual assembly in automobile trial manufacture
Simulation, verification and optimization of automotive pipeline design and layout


The above is part of the agenda.

For more details, you can call Mr. Zhao 13764386474.

Application of intelligent manufacturing technology in trial production of automobiles


Body welding quality control and cycle control


Technology and technology of linking new materials such as steel and aluminum


Planning, layout and construction of trial production flexible assembly line

Discussion on intelligent assembly of prototype vehicle under Industry 4.0

Trial production of small batch logistics characteristics and logistics efficiency


The above is part of the agenda.

For more details, you can call Mr. Zhao 13764386474.

Visit the trial workshop of the vehicle factory

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