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Conference Background

The 2nd Automotive Bumper Innovation Technology Forum 2018

    Since 2017, ATC company has held the first forum of " Automotive Bumper Technology Forum " which not only filled the gap of technical communication in the industry, but also received the favorable comments and pertinent opinions from many attendees.

As expected, the 2nd forum of ATC, under the environmental protection, lightweight, new energy, intelligent vehicle technology wave, the forum will continue to discuss many of the latest bumper systems and challenging cutting-edge technology hot spots!

   ATC company expects the forum organized by us to become an innovative platform for in-depth technical communication among industry professionals. We hope you can learn practical contents and make a number of good teachers and friends.Also look forward to your technical insights and forward-looking Suggestions at the bumper system technology forum.

   ATC company looks forward to your attendance and harvest."ATC’s summit - quality assurance" has been our commitment and motivation!

Conference Highlights

----Trends in bumper systems

----Light weight technology and application of new materials

----hin-walled bumper and complex die design

----New equipment and technology under environmental protection policy

----The leading technology hot spot of bumper and new technology direction

Participating Groups


----Bumper assembly

----Bumper system parts enterprise

----software company(design、simulation、optimization)

----Material company、paint company

----Production equipment company(sino mold、DKM injection machine、coating equipment、Welding Equipment 、cleaning equipment、Plating equipment、lettering equipment、Machine flame equipment and so on)


  • 12th December
  • 13th December

Development and trend of bumper technology for intelligent connected vehicle

----Development trend of International Intelligent Vehicle Technology

----Impact of new electronic devices on bumper design

----case study and development introduction

Development of bumper based on FEM module integration

----Integration of FEM modules

----Analysis of complex structural integration difficulties

----FEM highly integrated bumper development trend

Dimension deformation analysis and control method of bumper product

----Installation method of bumper and peripheral parts

----Analysis of subsidence and deformation

----Analysis of control methods from design to process

New technology application and trend of bumper coating equipment and technology

----Flexible environmental spraying technology solutions

----Trend and application of new process and equipment for future bumper Technology

Technical scheme and application of energy saving and resistance reducing for active intake grille

----Design and development of active intake grille

----Influence of different opening of active intake grille (AGS) on vehicle performance

---- New technical scheme of energy saving and resistance reducing grille

The above is part of the agenda.

For more details, you can call Mr. Zhao 13764386474.

The technical scheme and problem analysis of the lightweight bumper system

----Lightweight structure of bumper

----Lightweight and thin-walled bumper material

----Analysis of light weight requirements for process technology and Countermeasures

Lightweight technology of automobile bumper with micro foaming technology

----Study on micro foaming technology

----Technology solutions and case sharing

Analysis and application of complex mould design and development of bumper

----Development status of two color and high light bumper die

----Design of injection mold for bumper and optimization analysis of gating system

The above is part of the agenda.

For more details, you can call Mr. Zhao 13764386474.

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