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Conference Background

ATC 2019China  Automobile  Chassis  Technology  Summit

    Automotive suspension system and steering system components are the important auto chassis components and the soul of automotive manipulation stability. For different chassis mechanical bodies, the manipulation stability also depends on several factors, design, training , process and different manufacturing level of each OEM. Therefore, the  related technology exchanges are particularly necessary. Thus, ATC proposed a conference in shanghai from 20 to 22nd, March, 2019.

   The activities are mainly shared the topics in the field of stability, comfort, lightweight and intelligence. The organizing committee has invited many experts to discuss the latest developments and technical directions of automotive suspension and steering systems.

   Looking forward to your presence, sharing the resources of auto chassis. May learn about market information, the latest innovative technologies and reap the full!

   Meet 2019 China Automotive Chassis Technology Summit !

Conference Highlights

Highlight 1:Prospect analysis of automotive chassis industry;

Highlight 2:Reliability-Lightweight-Intelligent of Auto Suspension System & Steering System;

Highlight 3:Technological  innovation(Intelligent driving/Wire control steering/Electronically controlled suspension;

Highlight 4:Matching with the whole car;

Highlight 5:Simulation, Test and Detection

Highlight 6:4+ Round discussion & Workshop

Highlight 7:2+ Sub-forum

Highlight 8:20+Heavyweight Guest Speech

Highlight 9:25+Topics

Highlight 10:100+OEMs & Parts factories

Highlight 11:400+Technical personnel

Participating Groups


----Spring, Shock absorber,    Steering gear etc.                                  

----Electronic Control System

----Test Enterprises

----NVH Simulation Software

----Raw Materials                    

----New Materials (Lightweight, Noise Reduction)          

----Design, Research Institutes


  • 20th, March
  • 21th, March

Chassis Design of New Energy Vehicle


Practice and thinking of lightweight design of suspension system


Analysis on the application trend of active suspension under the development form of new energy vehicle

---Dongfeng Automobile Technology Center

Study on performance matching and optimization design of composite plate spring

---College of Automotive Engineering, Jilin University

Development and design of lightweight materials for plate spring

---Dongfeng Automobile Suspension Spring Co., Ltd.

The above is part of the agenda.

For more details, you can call Mr. Zhao 13764386474.

Standard system construction of automobile steering system

---National Automotive Standardization Technical Committee

Research of Steering Feedback Calibration

---Guangzhou Automobile Group Co.,LTD Automotive Engineering Institute︱chassis dept

Study on the dual - motor redundant steer - by - wire technology

---Professor of Tsinghua University

Road simulation method for verifying the durability of the steering system

---China Automotive Technology and Research Center

Steering failure in the collision safety requirements and study on shrinkage of decomposition

---Chery Jaguar Land Rover car company chassis

The above is part of the agenda.

For more details, you can call Mr. Zhao 13764386474.

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