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Conference Background

ATC 3rd ISO26262 Automotive Functional Safety Technology  Conference 2019 

    “Safety" has always been the primary goal of automobiles. In recent years, with the development of new energy vehicles and the application of intelligent network, the vehicle structure has changed a lot.

    With the addition of more and more electronic devices, complex control algorithms and software logic, the risk of automotive electronic and electrical system failure is increasing, so ensuring driver safety becomes more critical. In order to ensure it safe- operational, ISO 26262 "Road Vehicle Functional Safety" came into being, and has received industry attention year by year.

    The agenda of the second conference this time is richer and more complete due to previous two conferences experience. It will continue following venues: the main venue and "new energy"、"ADAS and information security" two sub venues, you'll obtain the latest standard development situation the fastest time. In addition to functional safety standards, management architecture, software and hardware development and verification, network information security and other hot topics, it will also incorporate power control systems, EPS systems, brake system development, and risk assessment testing. New standards for the establishment of relevant standards for battery packs.

    Sincerely welcome you to join and wish you all the best!

Conference Highlights

Highlight 1:1.5Days Schedule Highlight 1:Arrangements

Highlight 2:2 Parallel forums

Highlight 3:28+ Presentations

Highlight 4:15+ Product display

Highlight 5:30+ Business Communications

Highlight 6:600+ Experts

Participating Groups

----OEMs, EV-Car

----Parts system integrator

----Third-party certification Company

----ADAS technology vendors

----EPS, AEB system suppliers

----Sensors, controllers, actuators

----New energy battery manufacturer

----BMS  Suppliers

----Semiconductor chip companies

----Development management software vendors

----University institutions, government agencies


  • May 8
  • May 9

Security discussion and development trend of the new ISO26262 standard


Automated test solution from model to code


The application and analysis of internal key points in basic software of ISO26262


The application of SOTIF in smart driving vehicle


Deep analysis of ADAS test system architecture


Fail-safe, high-availability, and fail-safe hardware architecture


SOFIT of ADAS system


How does OEMs implement ISO26262 at the organizational level?


The above is part of the agenda.

For more details, you can call Mr. Zhao 13764386474.

Autopilot basic software technology and functional safety


Research on functional safety of electric power steering system (EPS)


Implementation of functional safety standards, future layout of braking systems on driverless vehicles


High-voltage functional safety of power battery system based on ISO26262


New energy vehicle controller functional safety development application and implementation cases


Battery pack hardware and software products perform functional safety and its challenges


The reliability of new energy vehicle motor controller and its functional safety technology


The above is part of the agenda.

For more details, you can call Mr. Zhao 13764386474.

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