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Conference Background

As the first sponsor of "BMS Technology Summit for Automotive Power Batteries" in China in 2016, ATC has been widely welcomed and recognized by professionals in the industry, and actively participated in it. After the meeting, ATC has provided many pertinent suggestions and suggestions.In 2017 and 2018, ATC combined with the suggestions of the previous participants, "Battery Management System BMS" and "Battery Thermal Management" two technical sub-venues, and further expanded the scale of the attendance, with nearly 400 industry experts present to support.At this year's 4th Summit, we will set up two branches, BMS system for power battery and thermal management system for battery, to discuss and share systematically from system design, precision algorithm to thermal management.ATC is looking forward to bringing the latest technology trends in the industry to each participant, bringing participants a deeper, broader and more focused professional technology platform on customer needs. ATC sincerely invites you to participate again, and the harvest is full!

Conference Highlights

Hightlights 1、Building BMS System Architecture and Optimizing System Performance

Hightlights 2、Opportunities and Challenges Caused by Charging and Discharging

Hightlights 3、Battery Functional Safety and Case Sharing

Hightlights 4、Analysis of Heat Dissipation in Heat Management under Different Conditions

Hightlights 5、Design of Battery Heat Pump System and Control Method of Liquid Cooling

Hightlights 6、Solution to Thermal Out-of-Control of Batteries

Hightlights 7、1+2 In-depth Round Table Discussions

Hightlights 8、30+Industrial Famous Guests Presentations

Hightlights 9、30+Hot Topic Discussions

Hightlights 10、50+Vehicle Manufacturers and Component Manufacturers

Hightlights 11、400+Industry Professionals

Participating Groups

1、Vehicle Manufacturers (Passenger Cars, Commercial Vehicles)

2、Power Battery Manufacturers

3、BMS System Service Providers

4、BMS Chip Suppliers

5、Testing and Certification Companies

6、Software, Hardware Suppliers

7、Air conditioning system

8、Cooling system

9、Battery Test Equipment Suppliers

10、Battery Thermal Management System Software Solution Providers

11、Battery Material Companies

12、Testing and certification companys

13、Test and inspection suppliers


  • Overview of the Conference Agenda
  • August 14th
  • August 15th

Analysis of Safety Accident Mechanism of New Energy Electric Vehicle and Corresponding Solution Strategies


Overvoltage Monitoring and Solution for New Energy Batteries


Virtual ECUs for development of Battery Management System


Diagnosis and Treatment of Single Fault by BMS


Introduction to the Application Case of BMS Functional Safety


Functional Safety Design for Overcharged Core


Balanced charge-discharge management strategy for lithium batteries


The above is part of the agenda.

For more details, you can call kate 13818305390

Electric Vehicle Air Conditioning System Based on Heat Management and Its Control Method and Flow


Battery Thermal Management Design and Comprehensive Efficiency Evaluation


Application of Innovative Materials in Thermal Management and Relevant Solutions


Analysis of Heat Dissipation in Heat Management under Different Road Conditions

----Air International Shanghai Co., Ltd

Cabin Comfort Control for BEVs with Heat Pumps

----Hangzhou Sanhua Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Relevant Solutions for Effectively Preventing Thermal Out-of-Control of Power Batteries


The above is part of the agenda.

For more details, you can call kate 13818305390

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