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Conference Background

    With self-driving tour, touring car tour, camping trip and other travel methods becoming more and more popular, the fastest and most mature is the mid-range tourism market mainly based on self-driving, and touring car tourism is the most eye-catching part of the mid-range tourism market. In China, touring car industry and touring car tourism are still in the initial stage, but the development potential is huge.  In recent years, the market capacity of China's saloon car industry is expanding. It is gradually forming a complete industrial chain to take care of the different needs of different consumers. In addition, the national and government policies attach importance to the development of tourism. The saloon car market is changing from high-end consumption to mass consumption.

    RV has become a new species pursued by people, and RV renovation technology has also become an important topic discussion in the automotive industry. In order to meet the development needs of the industry, many hot technology topics and the latest cutting-edge technology applications have become higher, newer and more challenging cutting-edge technology requirements for relevant technicians in the RV industry.

    "2019ATC RV Innovation Technology Forum" looks forward to your professional and technical opinions and forward-looking suggestions to learn about the latest innovation technology of 2019 China RV.  I also hope that you can learn from the actual things and make a group of good teachers and friends.

Conference Highlights

Highlights1、20+ VIP Technology Sharing in RV Industry

Highlights2、20+ saloon car hot technical topics discussed together

Highlights3、200+ saloon car complete vehicle enterprises and parts manufacturers

Highlights4、300+ Industry Professionals Meet

The only domestic research forum focusing on saloon car technology

Participating Groups

1、RV Enterprises (Traditional Main Engine Factory, Retrofit Factory)

2、Parts and Components of RV System [Chassis, Waterway System, Circuit System, Air Conditioning, Doors and Windows]

3、Suppliers of supporting equipment and spare parts [hardware, safety accessories, water tanks, furniture (beds, sofas, etc.), home decoration (carpets, floors, etc.)]

4、Caravan material suppliers [metal and nonmetal (aluminum, rubber, thermal insulation, steel frame, triamine plate splicing, wood paint structure)]

5、Car manufacturing process equipment manufacturers

6、RV Design Company

7、Scientific research institutes [RV Association, Design Academy]


  • November 14
  • November 15
  • workshop

Interpretation of European RV Standards and Analysis of Domestic Latest RV Policies and Regulations

--experts from well-known trade associations

Retrofit Design and Case Sharing of RV Based on Safety

--SAIC Datong RV Technology Co., Ltd. | Chief engineer of design

Ergonomic Design Optimization of RV Space

--Huzhou Enchi Automobile Co., Ltd. | Deputy general manager

Design and Application of Modular RV

--Shanghai Zhuomai car beauty Co., Ltd.

The above is part of the agenda.

For more details, you can call Mr. Zhao 13764386474.

Design and Research on Lightweight Body Structure of RV

--Tangshan Yate Special Purpose Vehicle Co., Ltd.

Advanced Manufacturing Technology and Quality Control of RV

--Zhejiang dadluncui automobile co., ltd.

Research on Electromagnetic Brake Control System of Trailer RV

--Jiangsu University

The above is part of the agenda.

For more details, you can call Mr. Zhao 13764386474.

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