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Conference Background

   With the continuous improvement of the level of consumers' demand for automobiles, their demand for automobiles has gradually changed from a single travel tool to the "third space" in life. People are pursuing safety and comfort, but also pursuing personalized services. How to make vehicles understand users better and meet personalized needs has become the direction that major automobile enterprises are striving to pursue.
   How to meet the growing needs of consumers, how to achieve service intelligence, interactive intelligence, driving intelligence. Based on the construction of big data ecological system, how to ensure the personalized service for users while protecting personal privacy from disclosure, these issues will be worth the consideration and in-depth discussion of the whole industry.
   ATC is looking forward to bringing the latest technology trends in the industry to every participant, bringing more depth, breadth and professional technology platform focused on customer needs. ATC sincerely invites you to participate again, and the harvest is full!

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