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Conference Background

China's auto sales continued to show weakness and Chinese consumers continue to scale back purchases on big-ticket items over concerns of slower income growth and weakened economy growth. The GDP growth of 6.0% for the third quarter also reflects slower manufacturing activities, adding pressure on the last quarter to reach a full-year growth target of 6.0% y/y [2019].

IHS Markit downgraded the light-vehicle sales forecast for mainland China in 2019 to decrease 6.9% to 25.22 million units. Of this total, passenger vehicle sales are estimated to decrease 7.0% to 21.59 million units, while LCV sales are forecast to decline 6.2% to 3.63 million units.

The annual event in conjunction with the China Automotive Show- led by the global leader in automotive insight, data and advisory services- targets senior executives in China OEMs, Suppliers and NSCs to explore game-changers that may shape the future of China automotive industry amidst uncertainties:

Conference Highlights

- VP, Department Leaders in the major auto makers [OEM] and key decision makers

- VP, Department Leaders in the major auto parts companies [OES] and key decision makers

- VP, Department Leaders in NSC, dealers and key decision makers

- Relevant government agency and association leaders

Participating Groups

§ Global to local market trends, industry ramifications and business opportunities.

§ Compliance and regulations impacting local OEMs and Suppliers

§ Change in consumer behaviors

§ Mobility, Automotive Technology / Supplier Chain Highlights


  • Agenda

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