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Conference Background

   The Pandemic of COVID-19 has seriously affected the healthy operation of the global supply chain, especially the automobile industry. The shortage of labor-intensive product supply highlights the demand of power assembly enterprises for "intelligent manufacturing", particularly the booming new energy electric drive, hybrid power in China. Only the technologies keep upgrading can China's automobile manufacturing rank among the world's advanced ranks!    

   This summit will be divided into four sessions: "machining", "grinding", "deburring", "cleaning and cleaning technology". The forum which will focus on the latest equipment, testing, technical solutions and other advanced technologies.,.etc. will attracts more than 500 experts and professionals in the industry sharing more than 50 + hot topics.

   Looking forward to your attendance at the grand event in the field of Powertrain manufacturing!

Conference Highlights

* New measures to reduce cost;

* Application cases sharing;

* New equipment and new process display;

* Powertrain and parts grinding process and solution;

* Innovative deburring and cleaning technologies;

* 4 sessions(Machining,Grinding,Deburring,Cleaning);

* Axels process of  drive motor & compressor of New Energy Vehicle

Participating Groups

* Engine manufacturers(Gasoline+ Diesel)

* Transmission manufacturers

* New energy power system enterprises

* System intergrators

* Cleaning devices enterprises

* Deburring devices enterprises

* Cleaning/Deburring testing devices enterprises

* Detergent enterprises

* Gear/bearing parts manufacturers

* Grinding machine manufacturers

* Liquid coolant/Grinding fluids enterprises

* University/Research organizations

* Grinding materials and tools enterprises

* Technical suppliers

* Axels of drive motor & compressor suppliers

* Intelligent manufacturing robot devices suppliers

* Cutting tools/service suppliers

* Maching lubricating service suppliers

* Abrasion wheel suppliers

* Peripheral equipment enterprises


  • Schedule
  • July 2nd AM
  • July 2nd PM- 3rd AM
  • July 2nd PM
  • July 3rd ALL DAY

Main Session

July 2nd AM

Session 1

July 2nd PM- July 3rd AM

Grinding Session

Session 2

July 2nd PM- July 3rd AM

Cleaning Session

Session 3

July 2nd PM

Machining Session

Session 4

July 3rd AM- July 3rd PM

Deburring Session

Main Session

l  Practice and exploration of Powertrain manufacturing technology in the text of intelligent manufacturing

l   Application and sharing of "intelligent manufacturing" technology of Powertrain



l  Present situation and development direction of grinding technology in the future

l  On-line measurement technology of grinding accuracy and case sharing

l  Quality problems and solutions of gear grinding

Cleaning & Cleanliness Session

l  Standard and control of engine cleanliness

l  Engine cylinder head / block cleaning technology and cleanliness control

l  Standard definition of cleanliness of engine components and cases analysis of failure parts



l  The latest solution and application of new machine tools

l  Application and cases of engine lightweight and innovative technology

l  Technical schemes and application of thermal spraying for cylinder block



l  Burr formation mechanism and process measures

l  Deburring methods and cases of cylinder block cross oil hole

l  The process and method of burr on the aluminum alloy shell of gearbox

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