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Conference Background

The biggest difference between new energy electric vehicle and traditional fuel vehicle is that the former is driven by power battery.

As an important link between battery pack,  vehicle system and the motor, the importance of battery management system (BMS) is self-evident. With the enhancement of the safety performance requirements for commercial vehicles, especially passenger cars, the degree of emphasis for BMS will be strengthened absolutely.

With fully respect the positive feedback of automobile manufacturers and battery manufacturers,meanwhile on the basis of the first BMS Technology Conference succefully held,ATC decided to hold the 2nd BMS and Battery Thermal Management Technology Conference 2017 this time.

We strive for bringing the latest industry technology trends fo all participating guests, providing a business communication platform, achieving a win-win result.

Sincerely welcome you to join us!

Conference Highlights

*Build Battery Management System Architecture

*How to Improve the Accuracy and Function of BMS

*How to Optimize the Performance of BMS

*Functional Safety of BMS

Participating Groups

Vehicle Manufacturers (Passenger Cars, Commercial Vehicles)
Battery Manufacturers
BMS System Service Providers
BMS Chip Suppliers
Testing and Certification Enterprises
Government, Institutions, R & D Institutions
BMS Software, Hardware Suppliers
Battery Testing Equipment Suppliers
Battery Thermal Management System Software Solution Providers
Battery Materials Enterprises


Looking Back