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Conference Background

Auto electric motor as one of the heaviest soul parts of the car. Electric drive instead of the traditional mechanical drive, motivation and automation of automotive components, the comfort of the car makes the demands for electric motor grow rapidly.The motor is the actuator of all kinds of systems, it becomes the core for variable speed, energy saving, safe. Meantime, costs reduction is an eternal topic.

With the increasing of Automobile performance use, especially for the requirements for Automotive Comfort, safety, fuel economy and environmental protection and so on, automobile electronic control devices and electrical equipment increased accordingly, the use of various electric devices which make the number of cars motor equipment increased significantly. Modern cars especially high-end cars use a large number of new machinery and new equipment, greatly promoted the application of automotive micro motor. Automotive OEM and Tier 1 are also constantly experimenting with different motor structural designs and new materials, so that improving the efficiency and lightweight of the motor system.

The summit will explore the hot topics for the vehicle motor and key components standard interpretation / reliability, security, high efficiency, small and lightweight, electromagnetic compatibility test (EMC) evaluation and cost reduction Innovative technology route and so on, meanwhile increasing the technical sharing of foreign OEMs and technology suppliers, promote the latest technical exchanges for domestic and foreign manufacturers, really promote the rapid development of China's automobile motor technology.

Hence we sincerely hope your kindly participation, we hope you could obtain underutilized resource sharing and learning during the Forum 2017, Learn Chinese Automotive motors system markets with its latest innovations.

ATC look forward your presence and full harvest!

Conference Highlights

Participating Groups

OEM(Passanger car and Commercial vehicle)
New Energy OEMs
T1(Electric Motors suppliers)
T2 (Motor parts suppliers)
Electric Motor metal material suppliers
Electric Motor Non-metal material suppliers
Manufacturing process equipment
Design, testing equipment, testing institutions
Research institutions /Universities


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