Training activities
Car interior decoration development training.
Venue: (Shanghai) - 2 days.
The 2018 ATT automobile technical training course will be conducted in Shanghai from March 30 to 31, 2018 (2 days).
In object
Project manager, product engineer, product design engineer, process engineer.
Course outline
Automotive interior product development process.
- based on the product development process of a well-known interior company and the development process of a complete vehicle interior trim molding system.
Key words 1: further deepen the whole process from data to mass production.
Key words 2: understand the positioning in the development system from engineering, modeling, project, manufacturing, decision-making level, etc.
Engineering problem solving process.
- tools for proper use during development and solutions to engineering problems (best practices)
Key words 1: for engineers in the face of engineering problems.
Key words 2: deepen the professional and team cooperation of engineers.
Interior product development - process introduction.
- technical specifications of panel, central console, door panel, etc.
Key words: processing technology of epidermis, foaming process, welding process, etc.
The interior of the car is exquisite craftsmanship.
- interpretation and consideration of delicate process.
- how to judge the design?
Key words 1: the application of delicate process in the development process.
Key words 2: improve follow-up manufacturing, assembly tolerance and appropriate matching risk control ability.
Product development - matching of accessories.
- matching process deepening and tool application.
Key words: increase your train of thought, do a good match in advance, make the sample conform to the department's requirements.
Cost oriented design.
- financial knowledge in project development.
- product cost interpretation.
Key words 1: understand what the suppliers are and control costs.
Key words 2: understand the positioning in the development system from engineering, modeling, project, manufacturing, decision-making level, etc.
Key words 3: increase the cost of products in development consciousness.
Section reference for interior assembly design.
- layout information of main section.
Key words: instrument panel, center console, door panel, etc.
The product engineer in each stage is responsible for the content.
- project stage, design and development stage, design verification stage, production verification phase engineer key key key words 1: interpretation of designer intention.

Key words 2: understand the practices of suppliers.


Lecturer at the resume
Domestic senior expert, engaged in automobile interior product design and development for nearly 20 years, is now the domestic well-known independent brand modeling center senior manager. Responsible for the design of the interior design of several new models. Leading companies who have served in car interior areas, magna, Johnson controls and yanfeng, served as senior project manager and project manager, cooperation with many domestic independent brand/joint venture vehicle company, lead the development team to complete the various interior system (including instrument panel, instrument panel, door plank, etc.) the development work, and the models on the market, which have gained good reputation among the consumers and the media.
The organizer
Automotive Technology Training car Technology Training (ATT), affiliated to the ATC car Technology platform, committed to promoting China's auto industry flow depth of technical knowledge in the field of research and development and manufacturing, for the Automotive industry to build learning platform of the latest knowledge.
ATT technical training is always around the ATC meeting, on this basis, further car technology in-depth training in various fields, from large-scale technological learning event to the elite project learning, including cars inside and outside act the role of design, manufacturing, automotive electronics, engine, automobile new material, and many other fields. ATT brand curriculum, "training automotive technical experts".
The training cost
RMB 4000 / person, 2 persons (including 2 persons), 3,800 yuan/person, 3 persons (including 3 persons) and the above group purchase price.
The above expenses include the five star hotel buffet lunch during the training period.
Transport and accommodation.
Look forward to seeing you!
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