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As a leading platform in the field of automotive technology conference, ATC has held the "ATC New Energy Power System Technology Week", which has become the most influential and large-scale industrial technology event in China!

In March 2023, it will be held again in Suzhou Shizishan Conference Center, presenting the conference of its top ten brands to the participants at the same time. The technology week covers almost all new energy power system technology fields, including electric drive, hybrid, battery, battery materials, thermal management, gearbox, high voltage, pipeline, commercial vehicle new energy, intelligent manufacturing and many other technical hot spots and topics. ATC looks forward to your participation in the technology feast of new energy power systems and your harvest!

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  • 2200+ Technical Topics
  • 315+ Workshops
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March 29th AM | Main Forum of Technology Week

09:00-09:20 Powertrain implementation paths driven by Dual-carbon target

09:20-09:40 Development & outlook of new-generation e-drive system

09:40-10:00 Vehicle electrification strategy & innovation under "Carbon Neutrality" 10:00-10:30 Teabreak

10:30-10:50 Transformation & upgrading of new energy vehicle powertrain system

10:50-11:10 Diversifying innovation of the "tri-electricity" system (electric motor, electric control

& battery) of new energy vehicle

11:10-11:30 Power battery empowers "Dual-carbon" strategy

11:30-11:50 New progress of commercial vehicle electrification strategy

11:50-12:30 Roundtable

The 3rd International Automotive Hybrid Powertrain Technology Summit 2023


Scheme innovation of the new generation hybrid system architecture

Intelligent energy management strategy of hybrid system based on working condition

Research on Thermal Management System of hybrid vehicle

The development and application of heat pump technology in hybrid vehicle

New Extended-range hybrid architecture and innovative practice

Development and application of hybrid multi-in-one controller

Control logic and strategy optimization of hybrid powertrain

Panel Discussion:The diversification and innovation of hybrid technology route, what is the ultimate technology route?

The path improve of hybrid vehicle user experience and comfort

Development of energy management strategy for multiple scenarios

NVH problem solving and performance improvement for hybrid vehicles

Introduction to the development of hybrid vehicle battery pack

Experience sharing of hybrid powertrain system test and verification

The application and trend of voltage raise in hybrid vehicles

Comparison of the comprehensive efficiency of multiple hybrid configurations in different application scenarios

High-efficiency dedicated hybrid engine(DHE) development

Optimization strategy for emission control of hybrid after-treatment

Development and research of hydrogen electric hybrid vehicle

Hybrid Commercial Vehicle Forum


Research and analysis of commercial vehicle hybrid application scenarios and market segments

Development of heavy truck extended range hybrid system

Architecture scheme and planning of commercial vehicle hybrid system based on different market segments

The challenge of highly integrated solutions for commercial vehicle hybrid systems

Hybrid control strategy for commercial vehicles

Panel Discussion:Discussion on cost reduction path of hybrid commercial vehicle

Research on P2 Hybrid Architecture Design of commercial vehicle

Commercial vehicle dedicated hybrid engine(DHE) development

Hybrid fuel consumption evaluation scheme for heavy commercial vehicles

Modeling and simulation analysis of hybrid power system

Experimental verification of reliability and durability of commercial vehicle hybrid system

Commercial vehicle 48V light hybrid power system solution

Hybrid configuration and key technologies of construction machinery

DHT Transmission Forum


How does traditional transmission manufactures deal with the strategy of new energy transformation and upgrading

Discussion on the technical route of the next generation hybrid transmission

DHT transmission NVH optimization and improvement solutions

Technical innovation of electric drive transmission efficiency improvement

Development of electromagnetic clutch

Optimization design of high speed planetary gear

Technology exploration of hybrid power and transmission system integration

Multi-gear hybrid transmission development

Structural design of new hybrid transmission

High power, high torque commercial vehicle transmission development

The 3rd Automotive Power Battery Safety Technology Summit


Investigation process and method of electric vehicle fire accident

Power Battery Structure Innovation and CTP Technology

Establishment of safety boundary for power battery life cycle management

Reliability analysis and test scheme of power battery

Practical Application of CTC Battery Chassis Integration Technology

Panel discussion: cost performance balance?

Development and prospect of 46 series large cylinder battery system

Power battery model and simulation technology

Battery failure mechanism and corresponding measures

High performance sealing solution for power battery

New fire retardant coating helps power battery safety

Battery aging and durability strategy

Application and Forming Process of SMC as Battery Case Material

Safety Design of Battery Cell under Super Fast Charging

Battery Thermal Management


Thermal management and thermal safety of energy storage battery

Safety Technology in the Process of Cascade Utilization and Recycling of Power Batteries

Challenges and solutions of energy storage BMS system

Thermal management and innovative design of power battery system

Progress in cooling technology of fully immersed battery

Mechanism analysis and safety design of lithium battery thermal runaway based on multiple scenarios

Thermal management control of super fast charging batterySimulation Scheme of Power Battery Thermal ManagementResearch progress in thermal management of refrigerant direct cooling batteryApplication of sensors in power battery thermal managementLithium battery thermal management test solutionResearch on Thermal Management of 800V High Voltage Battery Pack

The 3rd New Energy Electric Drive System Technology Summit


Research on the market trend of electric drive for new energy vehicles

Analysis of VOYAH dual power electric drive architecture

Practice of platform development of new energy power drive

Cost reduction and efficiency increase - can the super fusion all-in-one electric drive integration break the situation?

Challenges and solutions of oil for electric drive system

Reliability and Digital R&D of Electric Drive Products

NVH Optimization of Planetary Gear Reducer

Development trend and challenge of double gear multi gear reducer in pure electric field

Technical introduction of hub motor

Electric Drive Control And Power Semiconductor


Development Trend of Motor Controllers for Next Generation New Energy Vehicles

Key points and challenges of dual motor control integration design

Design Scheme of Electric Vehicle SIC Inverter

Highly integrated motor control strategy

Development of electronic control architecture of multi in one electric drive system

EMC development and test of electric drive system

Development and Platform of Next Generation Power Devices

Design and Application of SIC Devices in New Energy Vehicles

SIC Device Reliability Test Solution

Key Technology of SiC Power Device Packaging

Mass production and development status of domestic semiconductor industry

The 2nd Automotive High Voltage System Technology Summit


800V multi in one high integration design and key technologies

Discussion on Key Technologies of High Performance Flat Wire Oil Cooled Motor

Solution to Electric Corrosion Problem of 800V High Pressure Lower Bearing

Development, Application and Type Selection of High Quality Flat Copper Wire

Challenges of High Speed Flat Wire Motors to Key Materials

Challenge and trend of super fast charging technology

Vehicle high-voltage safety strategy&design

Reliable insulation material scheme for 800V high-voltage motor

Discussion on Insulation Detection Technology of High Voltage Motor

Application of Intelligent Fuse in High Voltage System

High Voltage Harness and Wiring Technology and Design of Electric Vehicle

Substitution of High Voltage Connector in China

Discussion on pre research of 1200V high-voltage system architecture

7th China Automotive Pipeline Technology Summit 2023


The need & trend of future thermal management system for pipeline

CO2 pipeline design & reliability test

TPV material application for new energy vehicle pipeline

Seal performance improvement program of CO2 system pipeline joints

Bio-based material application for pipeline under two-carbon environment

Roundtable discussion:Pipeline model & material selection

New energy vehicle cooling pipeline layout design

Battery pack cooling pipeline design & material selection

Design improvement & application of CO2 heat pump system pipeline

Hydrogen fuel cell pipeline safety design specifications

Intelligent manufacturing discussions for pipeline factories

Metal pipeline applications for new energy vehicle

New energy commercial vehicle pipeline design & requirements

New demand and application of hybrid power & traditional fuel pipeline

The 2nd Power Battery Key Material Summit


Current status and future trend of lithium battery materials

Status and development of silicon based anode materials for lithium batteries

Anode material additives help improve lithium battery performance

Design and application of high safety lithium battery separator

Analysis of double-layer coating technology for power battery

New Intelligent Equipment Scheme for Power Battery Diaphragm Coating

Research and Latest Development of Solid State Battery

Research progress of semi-solid electrolyte

Research and engineering practice of sodium ion battery

Trend and advanced technology of composite fluid collector

Application and Cases of Adhesives in Power Batteries

Green recycling and reuse of positive and negative electrode materials of lithium battery

Mass production and application of semi-solid battery

China New Energy Commercial Vehicle Technology Summit 2023


Current situation and trend of intelligence in new energy commercial vehicles

The development trend of heavy truck electrification technology

New energy commercial vehicle electric drive axle integration scheme

Progress in scene application and standardization of battery change heavy truck

China new energy commercial vehicle market forecasting research

Panel Discussion:Opportunities and challenges of multiple low-carbon paths for new energy commercial vehicles

Fuel consumption and emissions regulations for commercial vehicles in 2025-2030

Development route and prospect of heavy fuel cell commercial vehicle

Planning and research of hydrogen fuel system

Development status and prospect analysis of methanol vehicle

New energy logistics vehicle in-depth application and exploration of the scene

Electric commercial vehicle application research of slide chassis

China New Energy Vehicle Thermal Management Technology Summit 2023


Thermal management system trend & technical routes selection on new energy era

Vehicle high-intergration thermal management development

New energy vehicle thermal management simulation application

Coupling application of new multiport valves

Full life cycle management of new energy thermal management


New energy vehicle next generation thermal management structure development research

Intelligent control strategy of energy flow management for new energy vehicle

Sensor application for new energy vehicle thermal management

Vehicle thermal management development based on cockpit comfort

e-drive thermal management system design & control stategy

Combination of vehicle thermal management control & big data

Hybrid power vehicle thermal management research

Automotive electronic system thermal management program & trend

Air Conditioning Thermal Management Branch Venue


New energy vehicle thermal management intergation & domain control research

New energy vehicle intergated heat pump system development

Development and application of electric compressor for heat pump system

Research and application of electronic expansion valve for new energy vehicle

Follow-up development discussions of next generation refrigerant

Control strategy research of intergated thermal management

CO2 heat pump air conditioning system development

CO2 heat pump system pipeline design improvement

R290 refrigerant research & application status quo

Thermal management modular design research progress

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